Before the Hays Thou Shall Not 1. Law Defeated. 2. Inside of Thigh 3. Lace Lingerie 4. Dead Man 5. Narcotics 6. Drinking 7. Exposed Bosom 8. Gambling 9. Pointing Gun 10. Tommy Gun

Before the Hays
The Golden Globes and Pre-Code alternatives for the cheap and broke

The First Golden Globes Ceremony was not until 1944 so I’m not going to try and do a retro comparison to the current and past nominees.

Here are the nominees for 2010 all of which I cannot afford to see in the movie theatre.

The Hurt Locker-about the military bomb squad disarming roadside bombs.

Avatar-which looks incredible, but is obviously a message film about the Iraq War and Capitalism devouring the world. I could be wrong, all I saw was the trailer.

Inglourious Basterds is about Killing Nazis, great movie and Christoph Waltz is jaw dropping. They need to create a new category for this guy. Best performance in a movie EVER! He is unbelievable.

Precious: Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire about incest and abuse. I did not see this movie, but I will.

Up in the Air-about a guy who fires people and has a hard time committing. I can’t imagine people don’t relate to this. Didn’t see it yet, but I adored Thank You for Smoking and Juno.

So if you got fired from your job, are stuck on the couch because you are pregnant with your second child from your father, have PTSD from disarming roadside bombs in Iraq, are too busy to having a Nazi Revenge fantasy, or you are too broke to go pay the $15 to see Avatar at the Sony IMAX here are some Pre-Code options.

The Hurt Locker-Heros for Sale

Here’s a review from IMDB

“HEROES FOR SALE is terrific because it shows how an ordinary man can beaten by an ordinary life and still be great. As Barthelmess suffers the misfortunes of war and life he seems to grow as a spiritual person. The hypocrisy around him never seems to get to his heart. There’s a great scene where Barthelmess is sitting in the rain in a hobo camp when his eyes meet another man’s. It’s the banker’s son (Gordon Westcott) who took the war glory after he thought Barthelmess had been killed. The sanctimonious banker had fired Barthelmess for his morphine addiction, but finally gets caught for stealing from the bank’s depositors. The banker and son also did jail time (as Barthelmess did for leading a riot). The ironies of life become full blown there in the rain. A terrific scene.”

Avatar-King Kong because it was a huge break thru in special effects at the time. Peter Jackson is a big fan. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

Inglourious Basterds-pre-code brother would be Triumph of the Will primarily because if you haven’t seen it and you don’t get all the Leni Riefenstahl references you lose a lot of the flavor of the movie. Watch the famous Nazi propaganda film, get in the mood, then go see the Nazi Killing movie. You’ll enjoy it more, I promise.

Precious-Well, you get my favorite. Baby Face. About a girl who comes from a home where her father prostitutes her out and works her way up the corporate ladder with her natural talents. Ahem. I think Precious actually uses her brains.

Up in the AirMadam Satan, this film is about a philandering husband and his wife who have a pointless life of leisure and get an invite to a costume ball on a zeppelin. I’m not kidding. Cecil B. Demille directed this movie. It exists.

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One Response to The Golden Globes and Pre-Code alternatives for the cheap and broke

  1. Axbish says:

    Well I’ll be looking for those movies. Nazis, Bankers, soldiers, and shallow people on a zepplin and incest.

    30s, aughts, Shakespear, Aeschylus.

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