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Before the Hays
National Honor Society run by the Little Rascals

OMG! I was going to write this morning about something nice and lite. A top ten list of films for New Year’s Day. Happy 2010 by the way. But the front page article of The New York Times just got me yelling and screaming like a mad person. I know this is going to sound insane, and I’m sure I should be more concerned with Global Warming or the war in Afghanistan, which don’t get me wrong, I’m overwhelmed with concern, but this really pissed me off.

According to the Times article, there is some ridiculous amount of National Honor Societies and they are looking to cut them down. First of all, what the hell happened and why is there more than one???? Not to be bitter or anything, but when I was in Public High School, the N.H.S. requirement was a GPA of 3.4 or higher AND elective credits didn’t count towards your GPA. You had to have a 3.4 or higher in Math, Science, English and maybe one elective. I just know my music and art classes didn’t count toward my N.H.S. calculation of my GPA. I remember being pissed because in my school district the standards were higher and I was competing for scholarships with other people throughout the country who had N.H.S. on their applications with GPAs of 3.2.
But I got over it and moved on. NOW I see that the requirements for N.H.S. is 3.0!!! Are you kidding me????? 3.0 is good but hardly merits the word Honor.

I know, I’m being mean, but come on.

So this is a stretch, but I am having a hard time finding anything in Pre-Code film regarding GPA. But I did find a Little Rascals clip that is really interesting that takes place in a classroom. Ok, it’s not great, but it’s all I got. So here’s a little Our Gang to fit in with the WTF school theme.
“School’s Out” (1930), the kids plot to keep Miss Crabtree from getting married. There is an oral exam section that will blow your mind. The minstrel references and Farina’s answers are interesting and VERY disturbing at the same time. WARNING! This clip is sexist, racist the lines given to the children borders on child endangerment. If you remember the Little Rascals you probably saw this edited without the minstrel jokes.

Here’s a synopsis of the film-

The school children lost their last teacher because she got married and quit her job. When the brother of their teacher Miss Crabtree comes to visit, the children mistake him for a suitor. The children tell abominable lies about Miss Crabtree to try to discourage the man. Meanwhile, one of the children is selling answers to the upcoming oral exam. Unfortunately for the students, the young entrepreneur used a book of minstrelsy and black face as his source for the “answers”. Written by Ken Miller {}

Schools Out! – (1930)

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2 Responses to National Honor Society run by the Little Rascals

  1. Yolande says:

    Wow! What an amazing clip. Your comment that the children’s lines border on child endangerment is true, but it’s pretty funny to see what people used to get away with. Makes one wonder how our movies will look to folk in the future. Nice find, and nice link with the Honor Society story. But if students have to get a G.P.A of 3.4 and above, how are they gonna find time to go fishing and get to that watermelon field?

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL! It’s amazing. I need to find clips of kids movies now and see if they are really that much different. Thanks for the great comment Yolande!

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