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Before the Hays
Why fight it? I’m no Dorothy Davenport

Dorothy Davenport, let’s chat about Dot for a moment shall we?  (AKA Mrs. Wallace Reid) She was a movie producer/writer and director. She had an extremely interesting and prolific film career.

One of her films was Road to Ruin, which I have got to get my hands on.

So what has once powerful, forgotten female director, a film about the dangers of sex, drugs and abortions and today’s news have to do with each other?

Well, this Times Article. Titled-“Women in Hollywood 2009-At the Box Office but Not Directing. Ok, by now you may have figured out that I am a director and not a man. I found this article insanely depressing.

Not to mention it made little of the fact that women were once quite powerful forces in the silent film era and pre-code era.

The article was so depressing…you know what,

F-it. I’m officially now a male director. I am done. The odds are so stacked against me, I mean I could be a role model, inspiration and all that nonsense but in the mean time some jerk off twit guy is making money that I should be making. I’m done being a sucker. That’s it!

I’m a guy.  As I guy, I think it’s cool that Tiger banged so many chicks and doesn’t give a rats ass about his family. Hell, I’m a &^%$ Italian Guy Director.

I wanna get paid to be a douche bag. I want to inspire women to do sexy things on poles and compete for my attention. Because, if you are a woman, that is all you want right? My attention?

Also as a guy, I now don’t care if you think what I write is smart or honest or relevant to your life. I want to make movies about over sentimentalized family situations, women who are shrews or sluts and make every actress over 30 play a MILF.  Because that is the range of my personal, immature guy experience and that is how my audience sees the  world.

What have I been thinking!!! Being a guy director is going to be SO much easier! Because women suck and men are funny. Bitches!

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One Response to Why fight it? I’m no Dorothy Davenport

  1. Axbish says:

    Dorthy Davenport got paid! I have got to see the Red Kimono! Adele Rogers St. John appeard on talk shows in the 60s…most noteably Dick Cavette’s. She had extremely interesting stories though it always seemed like she was name dropping. Cavette’s jaw was always dropping. I believe she was also a sports writer. Adele and Dorothy and Francis the Talking Mule.

    Women are finding a voice. Thank god the late 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s are over. We will never go back.

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